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FAQs & Knowledge Center

MEWASS is a Trustee formed, that has taken over the provision of water and sewerage services in Meru Town and its environs from the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, and Municipal Council of Meru.


Mewass promises to issue accurate bills every month, through the nominated email account or phone number, with a clear disconnection notice. We also promise to restore water supply within the working hours after payments have been made.


Yes, the water is treated as per the standards of the World Health Organization and Kenya Bureau of Standards (KBS). The Central Water Testing Laboratories, Government Chemist, KBS and the Ministry of Health randomly and independently also sample the water and have certified it fit for human consumption

Customers who does not pay their bills are disconnected and charged a penalty of 500/-. Mewass imposes a further penalty of 500 for self reconnections. People with illegal bypasses/illegal connections are prosecuted


According to the Water Act 2002, it is a criminal offence to reconnect your own water.

After a meter reading, billing is based on set tariff rates. The consumer is billed for only what is consumed

Yes. Mewass encourages consumers to take their own meter readings especially those whose premises are inaccessible to Mewass staff, and bring them for billing purposes.


Meters are provided free of charge by Mewass once payments of materials are paid for. The meter however remains the property of Mewass and the consumer is responsible for its safety.


You should report to Mewass office. Your meter will be tested by Mewass Technicians and replacements will be made if need be.


You can make water payments at the Equity Bank, countrywide. Also you can pay via M-pesa paybill number 918350.


Customers are asked to report any Mewass employee asking for bribes to the management. No payments should be made without formal authorizations.