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The MEWASSCO Service Charter

Description of services Requirements Charges Kshs. Timeline
New connection after payment of all applicable connection charges (Deposit and connections material and labour costs) Filled up application form Attach copies: 1.      ID/Passport 2.      Pin  certificate 3.      Land ownership documents Deposit payable:
Domestic 2,500
Retail shops, workshops and offices consuming,morethan10m3 3,000
Bar, restaurant and lodgingsmorethan15m3 5,000
Hotelclass“A”and“B”lessthan150m3 10,000
Hotelclass“C”and‘’D’morethan150m3 15,000
Hospitalsmorethan150m3 20,000
Minor construction site (temporary connection)lessthan200m3 10,000
Large construction site (temporary connection)morethan200m 50,000
Light industries lessthan200m3 10,000
Medium industries between200m3and300m3 15,000
Heavy industries more than300m3 20,000
Health centre/dispensaries less than150m3 5,000
Schools/colleges /other institutions more than200m3 10,000
Schoolslessthan200m3 5,000
5 days
 Response to unplanned water service problems Report Free Five hours
 Interruption of water supply for planned works Send message via  SMS to customer Free At least 24 hours notice
Attend any site of a burst or leak which substantial or  might cause moderate damage to property Report Free One hour
Restore water services if there is an unplanned interruption to the supply Report Free Eight hours
Sewerage connection Letter of application Attach copies: 1.      ID/Passport 2.      Pin  certificate 3.      Approval of construction by county government Connection fee kshs.7500 Inspection fee kshs.12,100  5 days
Contain a sewer spill on your property Report Free Six hours
Reconnection of water services after payment of the due bills plus the penalties (Normal disconnection) Cooperation  Clear outstanding debt plus Kshs.500 reconnection fee 24 hours
Disconnection at the mains Cooperation Customer will be required to pay Kshs 1600 for reinstallation if the outstanding debt is less than kshs.4000 or Kshs. 5000 if more and for put though the customer will meet the actual material and labour cost for disconnection from the mainline and reinstallation 48 hours
Disconnection for closure of Account Fill form for de-enrolment  Payment for final bill 48 hours
Disconnection on owners request Cooperation Pay Kshs. 200 48 hours
Reading of the customer meter and issuance of bills to active connections Access/Cooperation Free On a monthly basis
Resolve customer issues Reports Free 5 working days depending on the customer issues
Request for a special meter reading Access/Cooperation Pay Kshs.200 5 working days
Request for meter testing Access/Cooperation Pay Kshs. 500 5 working days
Water quality complaints Call customer care desk to give details Free 24 hours
Exhauster Services Septic tank to be exhausted is not more than 60 ft (20 meter) away from the parking accessible by the lorry. Septic tank should not be more than 20 ft deep from where the exhauster shall be stationed for loading. The parking place is not sloppy to make accessibility risky for the lorry. The septic tank should not contain blockage materials like bottles, clothes, stones and such others; The sludge will be stirred for dislodge  by the customer Charges: Within supply area Tanker capacity of 8000L kshs.5000 Tanker capacity of 7000L KSHS.4400 Outside supply area Tanker capacity of 8000L kshs.8000 Tanker capacity of 7000L KSHS.7000 1 day depending on work load.