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Water Sources

There are two main supply sources namely: Gatobora springs and Kathita River.
Gatobora springs Kathita River

Water Conservations and Abstractions

Kathita River and Gatobora Spring has its source in Mount Kenya, hence the protection of Mount Kenya forest is crucial to the source.

In both cases, water is abstracted using mass concrete weir and steel pipes of twelve by eight inches diameter respectively. The two raw water mains deliver water to the Treatment Works at Milimani.

Water Treatment

There are six composite, two filtration units of capacity 262 meter cubed and four filtration units of capacity 960 meter cubed per day. The direct filtration unit treats the Gatobora Spring water which is fairly clean and requires filtration. The rest of the units treats Kathita water which is normally dosed with aluminium sulphate, settled and filtered to remove turbidity which can be as high as 400 in the rainy season. All the water is then chlorinated to kill germs after which it is stored in receiving tanks.

From there the water is transmitted to seven zonal distributing tanks, from where it is distributed to the customers. The current supply is 400 cubic meters per day. The treatment system has a capacity of 6,730 cubic meters. The area covered is 38 square kilometer and the estimated population in the supply area is 61,000 people but only about 34,044 people are served due to the existence of community water supply which do not charge anything.

There are 10 staff members who are involved with the treatment process and 14 are involved with the distribution and customer connections.

Water is distributed through customer meters. All customers are metered. There are no customers charged on flat rate.

Meru Water Supply Area And Sub Zones

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